10 best masks with fans

Masks with fans, also known as powered respirators or PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators), are a type of personal protective equipment designed to provide a higher level of respiratory protection compared to standard masks. These devices typically consist of a mask or facepiece connected to a battery-powered fan unit.

Here are some key points about masks with fans in the context of Tools Home Improvement:

  1. Increased Protection: Masks with fans offer a higher level of respiratory protection compared to standard masks. They are often used in situations where there may be a high concentration of harmful particles or contaminants in the air.

  2. Battery-Powered Fan: The fan in these masks helps to draw in air, filter it, and then deliver it to the user through the mask.This creates positive pressure inside the mask, which prevents contaminants from entering.

  3. Filtration System: These masks typically come equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters or similar, which are capable of trapping a wide range of particles, including dust, fumes, and even certain types of pathogens.

  4. Comfort and Wearability: The fan helps to circulate air inside the mask, reducing heat and humidity buildup. This can make wearing the mask for extended periods more comfortable compared to traditional respirators.

  5. Variety of Applications: Masks with fans find applications in various industries, including construction, woodworking, healthcare, and certain manufacturing processes. They are particularly useful in environments where there is a risk of inhaling hazardous substances.

  6. Adjustable Settings: Many of these masks have adjustable fan speed settings, allowing the user to control the airflow based on their comfort and the level of protection required.

  7. Reusable Components: In many cases, the facepiece or mask can be reused, while the filters need to be replaced periodically based on manufacturer recommendations and usage conditions.

  8. Considerations for Use: It's important to follow manufacturer guidelines for proper fit, use, and maintenance of masks with fans. This ensures that they provide the intended level of protection.

Remember, it's crucial to research and follow the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer for any specific model or brand of mask with a fan that you are considering. This information is intended to provide a general overview of these types of respirators.

Below you can find our editor's choice of the best masks with fans on the market

Rechargeable Electric Air Purifying Respirator, 2 Speeds Fan Modes Anti-Fog Air Purifier with Replaceable HEPA Filter for Outdoor Sports Housework.


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  • Comfortable – Ergonomic design, Soft and skin-friendly silicone material, with round corners and comfortable fit. Suitable for people of all ages( kids, men, women).
  • Breathe Easier – Built with internal turbo fan and 2 speed levels can be adjusted, keep the fresh air flowing through your nose and mouth, provide you with a cool, dry comfort.
  • 4-Layer Protection – The electric respirator can filter more than 95% of organic vapors gases, fumes, pollen, dust and other particles in the air quickly and efficiently.
  • Long Battery Life – Built-in rechargeable li-battery can work for 4~6 hours per fully charged, provides you with fresh air and a breathable environment for a long time.
  • Replacement Filter – The filter is replaceable, continuously provides fresh air to keep your mouth, nose cool.

User questions & answers

Question: Are the colors all the same size? I also see there are 2 different size filters, which do you need
Answer: Yeah make sure you don't order a kids size and the colors are the same size.
Question: Does this mask filter out your own breath
Answer: It only filters incoming air. Then, when you breath out, it goes out through bottom vents unfiltered.
Question: Why can i not buy one because i live in california? i don't understand that at all? please explain
Answer: I recommend another better website,we are all looking for masks made in the Unite Sate. If you still need a mask recommended by the CDC,I bought adult and child masks through a website recommended by a friend. Gọọglẹ sẹạrch >>𝒈𝒐𝒔𝒃𝒖𝒚
Question: Is xiaomi youpin q5s ? or a copy
Answer: The black one that cost more is q5 Pro.

Product features


Using 3-dimensional parametric human face models constructed from anthropometric data. according to the curve design of the human face, fit face and make you feel comfortable.


  • When exhaling, the gas is discharged from the exhalation valve to expel moisture and hot air to ensure smooth breathing.
  • When inhaling, the breathing valve will automatically closed to ensure safety and tightness which will ensure that the inhaled air passes through the filter.


Easy to use. Built-in rechargeable li-battery can work for 4~6 hours per fully charged


2 levels of wind speed can be adjusted, keep fresh air flowing through your nose and mouth, let you breathe more easily and keep cool.


Made of food-grade silicone material, elastic silicone does not make you feel uncomfortable and can firmly seal. 2 sizes available, Suitable for adults and kids.


The filter element can be replaced within 5-20 days, it can filter more than 95% of organic vapors gases, fumes, pollen, dust and other particles in the air quickly and efficiently.

Personal Smart Electric Air Face Mask,Reusable Wearable Air Purifiers Mask,With Fan for Air Supply, Used for Cycling,Running, Weeding, Outdoor Sports

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Product description

Product List

1. Black outer cover * 1

2. White inner Filter * 1

3.Mini Air purifier*1

4 Air purifier filter * 5

5. Storage bag * 1

6. Charging line * 1

7. Manual * 1

  • 【Multiple uses】-- Rsenr fashionable dust protecting mask, breathable and comfortable, ideal for Dust,, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen. Suitable For Running , Cycling , Hiking , Skiing And Other Outdoor Activities. If you work on gardening, Nail Tech, craftsman such as cook, carpenter, plasterer ect, the anti-dust respirator is also a good choice.
  • 【Healthy breathing 】-- The electric fan uses a 4-stage suction filter design that allows the entire mask to be filled with fresh air.
  • 【Washable and replaceable 】-- The mask can be washed when they get dirty,the mask filter is replaceable,offer cleaner air to protect your mouth,nose and lung. It is comfortable for long periods of time and is easy to clean for day to day wearing.
  • 【Mini Air Purifier】--Built-in 650 mAh lithium polymer battery, which can be charged by USB, it can last 5-6 hours when fully charged. It is an air purifier that can be worn on the face, with good purification effect;
  • 【after sales guarantee】--if there is any problem with the product, you can contact us at any time, and we will serve you free of charge

User questions & answers

Question: How long does the fan run on low and high speeds
Answer: Low..4/5 hours High..3 hours
Question: Is it made in usa? and does it come in different size
Answer: No and no
Question: Does it protect you from covid
Answer: It has paper type filter on inside that I believe is considered n95, so it should do the trick. It fits fairly well, and the air flow does help a little.
Question: Can it be used indoor
Answer: Yes

Adult Super-Hero Fans mask Ve-nom face mask face Mouth Adjustable Bandana Reusable Face Cover for Men White

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Product description

This face mask protects your mouth and face against dust, cold, dust, pollen, allergies, fog and haze, exhaust emissions, passive smoking, etc.A great gift for your families, friends, applicable for all seasons.

  • SET INCLUDES: Inspired venom Cloth Face Mask
  • FEATURES: Character designs from the superhero venom
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 3D Design is printed with our high-grade sub dye printer for vibrant colors. Colors will not fade from wear/washing. Sublimation printing for clear and eye popping colors. Cleaning - Suggest handwashing and air drying for best results.
  • PRODUCT INFORMATION: Unique designs. Made out of soft polyester fiber. Covers your nose and mouth.
  • FUNCTION|DURABILITY: Lightweight 1 size fits all. Covers your mouth and nose. Comfortable when wearing for an extended period of time.

BROAD AirPro Mask Powered Air Purifying Respirator


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  • ☀ HEPA H13 high-efficiency filter, filters PM2.5 by 99.9%. The filter should be replaced every 500 hours (about 2 months of a M-F 8 hour shift).
  • ☀ UNIQUE POWERED VENTILATION SYSTEM, CONTINUOUS AIR SUPPLY: An axial flow fan runs at 1650 RPM, and clean air volume passing through the filter can be adjusted. Innovative honeycomb air intake cover, three-dimensional strengthened air intake, and spiral widening air duct design makes air flow more smooth.
  • ☀ THREE SPEED ADJUSTABLE CONTROL: High-level 2.35 CFM for physical labor and sports, mid-level 1.77 CFM and low-level 1.18 CFM for daily use. A continuous stream of fresh air is sent to the mask, alleviating the stuffiness in typical masks.
  • ☀ THREE-DIMENSIONAL MASK, FITS COMFORTABLY: Comfortable three-dimensional non-woven mask, the outer contour fits tightly to the face, preventing outside air from entering, and makes each breath clean and fresh. Adjustable nose clips.
  • ☀ RECHARGEABLE AIR PUMP: The air pump is rechargeable and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard, or it can be attached to the helmet using Velcro.

User questions & answers

Question: Are these N95 or higher
Answer: The AirPro Masks has KN95 Certificates and testing report, Because the dirty air will be sucked into the water box which is filter box, go through the HEPA H13 filter that could filter PM2.5 99.9% dusty, particles and germs , the clean fresh air will be supplied through air conduct/tube into masks inside and created a positive pressure for human breathe. As the weather is getting hot right now, the people will feel more cool with wearing it, instead of stifled feeling with normal N95 masks.
Question: How much is the carbon filter replacement and where can I buy it
Answer: The HEPA Filter listing price is $14.95/each, and you can buy it at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088BL2TLC. If you ask the Active Carbon Filter, it's optional which listing pricing is $5.50/each, it's not listing on Amazon right now but it will update very soon, later I will update the web link here. Thank you for your interesting and question.
Question: Hello. is the kn95 certification the result of the mask material like a normal n95 mask or the overall filtration system? the mask, right
Answer: Thank you for the asking. KN95 Certificate is for the whole set system of air purifying respirator instead of the masks accessories only. We do use the KN95 certificated masks as spare parts, but the HEPA H13 level filter seems more important than the masks since our air purifying respirator keep on sucking the outside air go through the HEPA filter in filter box, stop all kinds of PM 2.5 dust, particles 99.99% and germ, virus 99.39% above entering into air tube. It's continuous running and providing clean fresh air for human breathe. Especially the weather is getting hot recently, our respirator could supply cool air inside of mask which will make people feel much better compared with traditional KN95 or N95 masks, no claustrophobic feeling.
Question: In the u.s. hepa h13 filters filter pm 0.3 size particles. does this filter
Answer: HEPA filters, as defined by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard adopted by most American industries, remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter. The filter's minimal resistance to airflow, or pressure drop, is usually specified around 300 pascals (0.044 psi) at its nominal volumetric flow rate.

Product features

BROAD AIRPRO MASK --- Every Breath is On Pure Fresh Air

BROAD AirPro Mask is a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR), the ultra-light filtration unit with H13 HEPA filter that delivers clean and fresh air into the mask, avoiding the stuffy feeling that is so common with ordinary masks.

Increase breathing volume, and make people feel more refreshed and energetic, alleviating stuffiness and discomfort. Offers great hope for essential workers and seniors.

USB Rechargeable Battery powered respirator with 10 hours operation time, HEPA filter can be used for accumulative of 500 hours and spare part is available.

Design for long term use, Mask replace 1-2 weeks, replace with any customized masks and simply cut a circle.

High Filtration Efficiency

HEPA H13 Filter

Filters PM 2.5 Particles by 99.95%

Can be used for 500 hrs

Easy to Carry and Use

Dimensions: 2.3 * 1.3 * 4 inches

Light Weight: 0.27 lb

Diverse Wearing Methods

One Button Operation

Low Power Combustion

Long Battery Life

Adjustable 3-Speed Control

Replacement Li-Polymer Battery

Can be used while charging

Positive Air Flow

Axial Air Flow Fan

High-level 2.35 CFM

Mid-level 1.77 CFM

Low-level 1.18 CFM

High Filtration Efficiency - HEPA H13 Filter

  • High Quality H13 HEPA Filter, Strong Folding and Frame, 3mm Angle Spacing and Laser Precise Positioning, can be used for 500 hours then replacing;

  • Low Cost of Filters Consumptions, 2 cents per hour, Affordable to Enjoy Fresh Air Breathing for Everyone;

  • Easy to replace within 10 sec, Even for seniors;

  • Can be combined using with Activated Carbon Filters (Optional) to absorb the hazardous gas.

Positive Airflow Supplied, 3-Speed Level Control

  • Using Axial Airflow Fan to enhance the air volume;

  • Positive Fresh & Clean Airflow into mask through air conduct to prevent Stifled Feeling;

  • 3-Speed Level Control for different occasions, High speed for physical labor and sports, Middle and Low speed for daily use;

  • 4 Blue-light indicator to show you the battery level.

BROAD AirPro Mask Assembly & Operation Instructions

  1. Insert the plastic mask joint through the mask from mask internal;
  2. Connect the air tube to mask joint from the external of mask;
  3. Remove the plastic battery separation film on the back of the AirPro unit;
  4. The other end of the air tube connects to the AirPro filtration unit.
  5. Fully charge the device by micro-USB cable around 4-6 hours, the charging LED indicator will be blinking blue light on charging and it will maintain blue light on while fully charged;
  6. Please PRESS and HOLD the start button at least more than 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Sports & Outdoor Exercise

  • Hiking, Walking
  • Cycling
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Other Sports

Workshop & Constructions

  • Welders & Miners
  • Constructions
  • Renovation Workers
  • Police & Patrol
  • Postman & Drivers

Indoor & Household

  • Household Cleaning
  • Teachers & Students
  • Officers & Staff
  • Securities

Patient Room & Clinic

  • Regular Checking Room
  • Clinic & Nurse
  • Dental Room
  • Testing Room

Clevair Mask 3 box set with fan unit, reusable and rechargeable


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Product description

Washable reusable 6 layer cloth face mask. Fan unit is easily moved from one mask to another so the mask can be hand washed and hung to dry. Two speed fan that removes warm air and moisture form inside mask.

  • CLEVAIR – patented 2 speed fan unit removes warm air and moisture from inside the mask allowing wearer to constantly bring in clean fresh air through the comfortable 6-layer cloth. Eliminates buildup of moisture & heat around the nose and mouth providing for hours of continuous comfort and protection. Fan runs up to 5+ hours on a rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery with a 500MAH capacity, and a one hour charging time.
  • CLEVAIR - 6-layer mask consists of properly sequenced layers of Non-Woven Fabric, Melt Blown Fabric, Hot Wind cotton and an inner layer of Super Soft Non-Woven Fabric complimented by a Silicone nose piece enhancing a superior fit and comfort.
  • CLEVAIR – has eliminated the Foggy Glasses - our silicone nose piece combined our properly designed 6-layer cloth mask provides a superior fit and comfort that prevents eyeglasses from fogging.
  • CLEVAIR – Washable and Reusable. Our product comes with 3 mask of different colors – Black, White and Nave Blue – each in its separate storage pouch, one CLEVAIR fan unit and charging cable. The fan unit is easily attached and removed from a mask allowing for masks to be hand washed and dried as needed.
  • CLEVAIR – USES – our mask is designed for all day everyday use whether you are at work or play. The excellent design provides protection and superior breathability whether you are working out in the gym, sitting through class at school, meetings at work or performing your daily shopping needs.

User questions & answers

Question: Do you sell the charger for the clevair mask I lost mine
Answer: We currently don't sell the fan unit separately. Please contact us with order information and we will try and help.
Question: What's the expected run time of said fan
Answer: Battery last 5 hours and take 1 hour to fully recharge.
Question: Is there a video? If not I would be happy if someone decided to post a video of product
Answer: We do have videos though we have not posted on Amazon yet - plan to change that next week.
Question: what kind of battery does the fan use
Answer: Rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery with a 500MAH capacity, a one hour charging time and rated voltage - DC 5V

Kangma Unisex Maskless Bandit Prank Face Mask,Adults Novel Trick Prank Pattern Pulled Down Mouth Covering TIK_Tok Masks


Product description

Kangma Unisex Maskless Bandit Prank Face Mask,Adults Novel Trick Prank Pattern Pulled Down Mouth Covering TIK_Tok Masks

【Product Features】

❤ Maskless Bandit Prank Face Mask.Funny Face Mask Pulled Down. Prank Mask Cosplay Costume Accessory. This smiling face mask cover is a thin, lightweight and breathable novelty fashion cover or accessory. One size fits all.

❤ Funny Disposable Face Mask Pulled Down. Prank Mask Cosplay Costume Accessory. Prank people with our funny pulled down mask that looks like you had your face mask on your chin while in reality having your face mask put on properly. Better Modify The Face, Make The Face Smaller.

❤ Suitable for men and women! Be a handsome boy and cool girl!

❤❤【Item specifics】

Material: Polyester

Occasion: any occasion

Season: Four Seasons

Applicable: men and women of any age

Package Content:1 PC mask

❤ We strive for 100% customer satisfaction service and experience.

❤ Note: If you receive a damaged or wrong item, please contact us and attach a picture.

❤ Regarding the problem, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

funny face masks for adults funny masks fun face masks smile mouth face mask pulled down mask funny pulled down face mask prank pulled down face mask funny pulled down mask printed mask pulled down prank face mask that looks like your not wearing a mask that looks like a real face not wearing a mask that looks like a real face with mask down face mask wearing a mask pulled down mask that looks like your mask is pulled down.

  • Made in USA or Imported
  • ❤ 7-15 days delivery ❤
  • ❤【Material】Made of high-quality fabrics, it is effortless to wear, soft, comfortable, breathable, and will not cause discomfort.
  • ❤【Easy to use】 Elastic ear loops, you can wear it easily. Fits the size of most people, suitable for adults, men and women.
  • ❤【General purpose】Funny face masks for adults-Suitable for funny clubs, birthday parties and other parties to adjust the atmosphere; suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiles to protect the face from wind and keep warm, very suitable for adults Daily use.
  • ❤【Washable & Reusable】Washable funny masks-This layers of high quality prtection face mouth coverings can be washed and reuse for multiple times. It's eco-friendly and a great gift for your families and friends.
  • ❤【Service warranty】Please be free to contact us if you have any questions about our funny masks. Customer satisfaction is our responsibility, and we will do our best to solve your problems of the funny face mask to ensure you get the best shopping experience.

DivinAir Rechargeable Face Mask Fan - Clip-On Air Filter & Small Air Purifier Fan for Mask | USB Mini Fan for Reusable Mask | Personal Fan for Face Mask with Filter | Mask Filter Cooling Fan

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  • CLIP-ON PORTABLE FAN FOR MASK - DivinAir Mask Fan is a compact air purifier that brings fresh, cool air with you, wherever you go. You simply clip and insert it into your mask and breathe fresh, cool air. Turn your face mask into a respirator mask!
  • NANO SILVER FILTER, BLACK MASK FAN - Breathe fresh air with DivinAir Face Mask Fan. It’s engineered to bring you a cool flow of air whenever you need it. Using a Nano Silver Coated Filter and 3 super-quiet fan speeds. It keeps you fresh and the air flowing.
  • FITS CLOTH MASK, FILTER MASK & PLASTIC MASK - This mini air purifier uses magnetic clips, making it easy to attach to your mask. Clip it on and off almost any mask; from filter to fabric. If you’re working out or just on the go, it’ll stay securely in place.
  • RECHARGEABLE USB FAN - The filtered face mask fan is powered by a mega 500mAh USB rechargeable battery. That’s up to 4 hours of non-stop cooling from a single change. Making sure you breathe fresh air wherever the wind takes you. Transform your standard mask into a smart mask with a fan.
  • TRAVEL, WORK & SPORT MASK FAN - Weighing only 33g you’ll hardly feel like you are wearing anything. Its lightweight, pocket-sized design makes it the perfect face mask with fan for working, traveling or as for an outdoor running mask. It's the clip-on smart fan for anyone who wants to breathe fresh air.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AIR PURIFIER FOR FACEMASK - Premium and effortless design to help you keep comfortable whilst wearing a mask. Add to cart today!

User questions & answers

Question: where to buy rwplacement filters
Answer: Hi there! Thanks for asking.The nanosilver coated filter is not yet listed in Amazon but we are definitely working on making them available soon.
Question: Do i need to replace the nano silver coated filter or is it reusable
Answer: Hi there! Thank you for your question. The Nano Silver Coated Filter that is pre-installed to the DivinAir Mask fan is replaceable and it is not designed for air filtration, only to prevent bacteria growth on the material.
Question: So I can see all the way through the fan area , wouldn’t that mean the mask would be compromised at this point
Answer: Hi there! Thanks for asking. It wouldn't be compromised because it can be clipped on securely. This mini air purifier uses magnetic clips, making it easy to attach to your mask. Clip it on and off almost any mask; from filter to the fabric. If you’re working out or just on the go, it’ll stay securely in place.

Product features


Take out the magnet clip


Place fan on the outside of your mask


Attach magnet onto the inside


Select fan speed and breathe easy

MIni Usb Exhaust Fan for f∂ce shield ,Easy to breathe,For Outdoor Sports, Homework,Travel…

Based on 29 reviews Check latest price
  • 【About Usb Exhaust Fan】Battery life: 380mAh battery,3-speed intelligent transmission,lowest speed supports up to 5 hours working life, (Pause for 20 seconds and run for 20 seconds),fastest speed supports 2 hours working life.(Continuous start)
  • 【Free filter element for purchase of USB Fan】6 replaceable filters will be included in the box, specially you will have two black, two silver, and two white filters.
  • 【Silicone anti fog nose pad】The nose bridge of the f∂ce shield is made of silica gel, which can better isolate particles and make the nose more comfortable,It is the fashion product of 2023. It not only makes you safer, but also makes you more fashionable,Suitable for outdoor sports, travel, party ,riding,Asthma, allergy, weeding, cycling, running, help breathing
  • 【Product features】Built in mart air flow system ventilates moisture, CO2 and heat out of your f∂ce shield by an electric fan, breath in a comfort, and no foggy glasses any more; Reusable module design, adapt to most f∂ce shields in the market; One-way breathable valve, keep harmful particles away, while highly breathable; 10 seconds assembling/disassembling, easy and cool.
  • 【Lifetime warranty】getting this product means you will get a much longer services from us than you imagine, contact us immediately if you are not happy with the product, you will get a refund or you can get the things replaced, and it is free of charge!

User questions & answers

Question: Is the fan loud
Answer: No the fan is not loud.
Question: How to buy more filters
Answer: This link, 6 filters https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V14XB87
Question: What actually touches your face? Is it fabric or plastic/rubber
Answer: Fabric and the nose piece which is rubber.
Question: Will it work while plugged into say a power bank
Answer: no

Product features

Personal Air Purifier Respirator M∂sk

  • Unique ventilation design system to keep fresh air flowing.
  • Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • Smart air flow system
  • Package Inclued:1* Air Purifier M∂sk Set+6*Outlet M∂sks (Black *2,White *2 ,Grey*2 )

14 Pieces Fan Mask Brushes Facial Mask Applicator Brush Soft Fan Brushes Acid Applicator Brush Cosmetic Makeup Applicator Tools for Mud Mask Cream


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Product description

14 Pieces fan mask brushes facial mask applicator brush soft fan brushes acid applicator brush cosmetic makeup applicator tools for mud mask cream


Bring much convenience:

The face mask applicator brushes can help you apply mask and other cosmetics on your face or body easily and evenly, keeping your hands and mask jar clean, they are comfortable to grip and easy to clean with water after use. They are lightweight and portable, individually packaged to keep them clean and convenient to store and carry, suitable for home and travel use.

Multiple use:

The fan shaped brushes can be applied to for applying mud masks, powder masks,clay masks, DIY face masks, facial serums, body lotion, body oil and more, soft and comfortable to use, without messing or wasting skin-care product. They can also be practical applicator tools of blush, highlighter, bronzer, setting powder or any other powder products.


Quantity: 14 pieces

Color: show as picture


Handle material: plastic

Brush material: nylon fiber


Brush head size: 3.5 x 2.8 cm/ 1.37 x 1.1 inches (LW)

Total length: 14.8 cm/ 5.82 inches

Package included:

14 x Fan face mask brushes


Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

Please allow slight size error due to manual measurement.

  • Enough quantity: you will get 14 pieces of fan facial mask brushes in 2 colors including white bristle with white handle and brown bristle with transparent handle, convenient to distinguish and replace, sufficient for your daily use and sharing needs
  • Easy to carry: the fan shaped mask brushes are individually packaged, keeping them clean and convenient to store and carry, they measure approx. 5.82 inches in total length, the brush heads are about 1.37 x 1.1 inches and the handles are 4.72 inches long, suitable for home and travel use
  • Delicate workmanship: the fan mask brushes are made of synthetic brush hair and plastic handles, soft and safe to use, not irritate or bring harm to your skin, with firm aluminum ferrules for holding bristles tightly, the brush bristles are not easy to fall off, can be applied for a long time
  • Convenient to use: the face mask applicator brushes can help you apply mask and other cosmetics on your face or body easily and evenly, keeping your hands and mask jar clean, they are comfortable to grip and easy to clean, bring you much convenience
  • Wide applications: the fan brushes can be applied to for applying mud masks, powder masks,clay masks, DIY face masks, facial serums, body lotion, body oil and more, soft and comfortable to use, without messing or wasting skin-care product

URBIVALIST Face Mask With Breathing Valve & Filter - Reusable - Breathable - Anti-Pollution - Washable - With Filters


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  • ✅ The optimal comfort for a mask ★ Thanks to its adjustable and soft ear loops and it's nose clip made with comfortable foam, you can wear it all day long. No more foam in your glasses and no more itchy ears at the end of the day!
  • ✅ Your maximal all-day protection ★ Forget about cheap disposable masks that only protect for a few hours and then are not comfortable to wear, or simple fabric masks that keep the warm air inside! Our Urbivalist filters offer maximum protection for up to 40 hours.
  • ✅ Robust & easy to clean ★ Our reusable face mask can be washed at 140°F. You can keep it always clean, always fresh.
  • ✅ Save money over time ★ Disposable face masks can be quite expensive over time! With our reusable lifestyle mask and its filters that can be used for up to 40 hours, you actually save money in the long run! For 15 weeks of use, you save 55% of the cost of disposable masks.
  • ✅ Urbivalist: the new "urban survivalist" brand ★ Designed in Switzerland, Urbivalist is the new brand for "urban survivalists" who want to get though this special time without compromising on protection or style. Choose from our Large, Medium and Small sizes to find the mask that fits your face. Shop today risk free!

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